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Andrew Brown

PhD student

School of Earth Sciences
University of Melbourne


Andrew is a PhD student based at the University of Melbourne, with research interests concerning the interaction between convective hazards and the large-scale climate. Currently, he is focused on severe thunderstorms in Australia, and how these events may change in a future climate. Recent and upcoming work has a particular focus on wind risk from severe thunderstorms.

THESIS: The climatology of severe convective winds in Australia and their sensitivity to global warming

Severe convective winds are high impact events with the potential to cause large amounts of damage. However, they are often difficult to observe and model due to their small spatial scales and complex dynamics. Therefore, historical occurrences of severe convective winds are relatively poorly understood in Australia. This topic aims to better understand the climatology of severe convective winds in Australia through the use of high resolution modelling and a range of observations, with a focus on the types of environments which produce these events. Findings will be applied to climate projections data for understanding long-term variability and potential future changes to these events.