• RP1 Extreme Rainfall Report – December 2020

    RP1 Extreme Rainfall Report – December 2020

    Despite what has been a very challenging year, the Extreme Rainfall research program continues to produce high-quality research, develop deep and wide datasets, extend the reach of our citizen science, and has seen our researchers continue to achieve at a national and international level.

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  • CMS Report – December 2020

    CMS Report – December 2020

    Two new ACCESS models have been released (ACCESS-CM2, ACCESS-ESM1.5), the Aus400 dataset has been published, the ERA5 collection is being transferred to NCI and there is now a new quick process to book meetings with our CMS team.

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  • Knowledge Brokerage Team Report – December 2020

    Knowledge Brokerage Team Report – December 2020

    The challenges of 2020 have impacted our briefing notes but we combined forces with NESP ESCC to produce an impressive overview of climate sensitivity. Our mid-term review has invigorated the team and a science-teacher workshop is well underway for AMOS.

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  • Graduate Director’s report – December 2020

    Graduate Director’s report – December 2020

    The cross-institutional, collaborative nature of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centres of Excellence has allowed a re-imagining of the Australian PhD experience. Here we outline the steps the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes has taken to support our graduate students during COVID.

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  • Directors report – December 2020

    Directors report – December 2020

    It has been an unprecedented year in academia in 2020, a year where many people have been doing it tough in particular those of you in Victoria. The impact of COVID will take a long time to be fully realized of course, with impacts on our students, researchers, administration and technical teams that we could…

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