Project A: Mixed-phase Clouds and Precipitation Processes over the Southern Ocean

  • Main Supervisor: Dr Yi Huang (The University of Melbourne)
  • Co-supervisor: Dr Robyn Schofield (The University of Melbourne)
  • Co-supervisor: Prof Steven Siems (Monash University)

This project will involve collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the UK Met Office. 

Clouds and precipitation over the Southern Ocean (SO) remain poorly understood and a major barrier to improving the representation of a coupled climate system. This limits our ability to forecast weather and climate over Antarctica, Australia and even the entire globe. This project aims to understand the key dynamical and microphysical mechanisms that underpin the mixed-phase clouds and precipitation processes over the SO, using new satellite products, new observations from recent international field campaigns and numerical simulations. 

Project B: Coupling Cold Air Outbreaks (CAOs) and Extreme Weather in the Australian Region

  • Main Supervisor: Dr Yi Huang 
  • Co-supervisor: A/Prof Todd Lane 

Cold Air Outbreaks (CAOs) are known as hotbeds of convective and often severe weather systems. Wintertime cold and rainfall extremes in the southern part of Australia are often associated with CAOs.

This project aims to investigate the dynamical, thermodynamical, and microphysical processes of CAOs using new field observations, (re)analysis datasets, satellite data, flooding information, and numerical simulations.

Ideal PhD candidates must demonstrate a genuine interest in meteorology and expertise in analysing large datasets. Graduates with a strong academic record (e.g. Honours Class I or equivalent) in Physics, Atmospheric Science, Mathematics, Engineering or an equivalent quantitative discipline are particularly encouraged to apply. For qualified and competitive candidates support will be provided to apply for the Graduate Research Scholarships available at the University of Melbourne.

Expression of Interest Deadline: 20 July 2019

Please contact Dr Yi Huang ( for further information. Please submit your expression of interest as a single pdf including a cover letter, a CV (including publications), academic transcripts, and the contact information for up to three academic referees to Dr Yi Huang.