This is a three-year postdoctoral position focused on high-resolution modelling of extreme rainfall associated with organised convective storms. We seek a highly qualified and motivated candidate with experience in numerical modelling, cloud processes, and mesoscale atmospheric dynamics.

The appointee will use convection-permitting and cloud-resolving simulations to examine the processes governing rainfall extremes associated with organised convective storms. They will use an approach that combines high-resolution modelling and observations, with the primary goals of evaluating and improving the models and increasing our understanding of the key processes that govern local rainfall extremes.

This position is physically located within The University of Melbourne’s School of Earth Sciences and part of a major national initiative – the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX). The successful appointee will join the CLEX extreme rainfall research program and will enjoy active national and international collaborations with other research staff and students affiliated with the program and Centre. Candidates seeking flexible or part-time work arrangements are encouraged to apply.

Applications close: Sunday, August 26

Full details of the position can be found here.