Bethan is a research scientist in the coupled modelling team at the Bureau of Meteorology, contributing to the development and evaluation of a seamless NWP to multi-week coupled modelling system. She previously spent 5 years at the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University first as a research fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science and then as an assistant lecturer in atmospheric science (teaching atmospheric physics & dynamics, and radiative transfer). She came to Australia after completing a PhD in atmospheric science at the University of Leeds and a postdoc at the University of Oxford in the UK. Bethan has a background studying the dynamics and cloud physics of atmospheric deep convection and the generation of rain from convective processes. She is an expert in high-resolution convective-scale modelling and cloud microphysics, and her research interests include the representation of cloud processes in models, the impact of aerosols on deep convective processes, the drivers of extreme rain events, and understanding how deep convection and extreme rain may change in future climates. She works closely with colleagues across the world and sits on the scientific steering committee of the Aerosol, Clouds, Precipitation and Climate Initiative (ACPC).