Dr Chiara Holgate studies the hydrological cycle and how it interacts with other parts of the climate system. Chiara investigates the way moisture moves from the ocean through the atmosphere to the land, and how changes in that movement affect climate extremes like droughts and floods. Chiara’s PhD research focused on the role of land-atmosphere feedbacks and their impact on Australian rainfall and drought. After completing her doctorate, Chiara held a Research Scientist position at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology where she worked to understand how well Australia’s climate models represent land-atmosphere feedbacks. Prior to her PhD Chiara worked as a Hydrologist and Water Resources Engineer. Chiara provided technical advice to the Australian federal, state and local governments, as well as resource companies and transport authorities. Chiara collaborated on, helped develop and executed a variety of hydrological projects, including the areas of: groundwater and surface water field investigation, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and modelling, environmental assessment of major projects, groundwater-surface water connectivity studies and water balance assessment.