Dr Doug Richardson specialises in extreme climate events that have societal impacts. Doug is currently investigating the extent to which Australia's energy grid is exposed to widespread reductions in renewable energy resource, and the synoptic and large-scale drivers of these reductions. More broadly, Doug analyses climate hazards such as drought and wildfire weather, quantifying their likelihoods, whether they have become more frequent over time, and their potential causes. Doug completed his PhD at in 2019 at Newcastle University in the UK, where he assessed the predictability of drought and the relationship between drought and large-scale weather patterns. In 2016, Doug collaborated with the UK Met Office to design an operational forecast tool that provides the national Flood Forecasting Centre with early warning of extreme rainfall events. Doug worked as a Research Fellow at CSIRO, Hobart between 2019 and 2022, and was part of the Australian Climate Service, a national, multi-agency climate resilience program. Doug joined the ARC Centre of Excellence in January 2023.