Hailing from a coastal town in northern NSW, John always had a passion for ocean-based activities. He studied a bachelor of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, and worked in industry for 2 years as a graduate civil engineer. John then decided to choose a career path that aligns more strongly with his values and interests, leading him to Hobart to study a degree in Physical Oceanography at the University of Tasmania. John commenced his Honours in July 2021 at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies in Hobart. His current project is focused on the scales of variability for dynamical drivers of marine heatwaves in the Tasman Sea. John previously undertook a CLEX undergraduate project looking at dense shelf water overflows in East Antarctica and their impact on the Antarctic Slope Current. His key areas of interest are in geophysical fluid dynamics, dynamical systems and computational techniques. John aspires to continue his research within the fields of physical oceanography and climate science seeking to contribute to our understanding of ocean and atmosphere dynamics.