Undergraduate degree, Biology, University of Oxford, UK (1990). PhD Ecological Science, Edinburgh University, UK. (1996)


My research interests focus on the functioning of tropical forest ecosystems, and how this varies in relation to climate, soils and species composition. Tropical rain forests are frequently under threat, but still cover substantial areas of the globe and represent a hugely important resource for humanity that we are only beginning to understand properly. I have been lucky enough to study them in several countries. I led two post-doctoral projects (1995-2001) at the Institute of Ecology and Resource Management at the University of Edinburgh, and in 2002 took up a lectureship in the School of Geosciences. I held a Royal Society of Edinburgh research fellowship from 2009-10, and was made Chair in Ecosystem Science in 2010. In 2012 I took up an ARC Future Fellowship in the Research School of Biology at The Australian National University. I have a young kids, a daughter and twin boys.