If you wish to undertake an honours or graduate degree at the Centre of Excellence you should first identify who you wish to work with. Our Chief Investigators, Associate Investigators and Researcher pages are a good place to start.  Please do not email all researchers in the Centre, contact only those whose areas of research interest you.

Please complete our Graduate Opportunites Expression of Interest (EOI). Note- this EOI will be used to assess if you have the background suitable to undertake graduate studies in climate science, and if you would be competitive for a scholarship. It is not an official application. If your expression of interest is accepted you will still need to apply for admission and scholarship to one of our universities.


Honours admissions

The Centre of Excellence may provide Honours scholarships for outstanding students, for more information, click here.

Honours is a one year addendum to a 3-year undergraduate degree. You do not need to undertake your honours year at the same university where you completed your 3-year degree. Honours is an opportunity to develop your capacity for critical thinking and independent research. The honours year will consist of a research project culminating in the writing of a thesis. Any coursework component of an honours year will differ depending on the university.

Students who have completed an honours year are generally considered more employable by industry. An excellent honours degree may also meet one of the minimum requirements for admission to a PhD. For details on how to undertake honours within the Centre of Excellence you may contact one of our researchers whose research interests you, or contact our Graduate Director Melissa Hart (melissa.hart@unsw.edu.au).

You will need to apply for honours through one of our five universities.

Honours program and admissions procedures for:


Graduate admissions and scholarships

You will need to apply for admission to a graduate research program through one of our five universities.

Details of admissions and scholarship application procedures for:

There are a variety of scholarships available to help fund your living expenses, and in the case of international students, tuition fees whilst you undertake postgraduate studies.