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RP1: Extreme Rainfall – April 2020

The Extreme Rainfall team took on some key observational challenges for precipitation research and then used some of this data to test our models. There was also a raft of individual achievements to add a little light in this difficult time.

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directors Report – April 2020

CLEX Director Andy Pitman acknowledges the “impossibly challenging” nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Centre’s response. He also reviews some of the successes of our researchers and highlights remarkable results published over the past few months.

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Knowledge Brokerage Team report – August 2019

The CLEX Knowledge Brokerage Team (KBT) is now well and truly bedded down after coming into existence in October 2018. Team leader Ian Macadam has visited each of the CLEX university nodes and has attempted to answer the question on everyone’s lips “So what is a knowledge broker anyway?”.

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RP1 Extreme Rainfall Report – April 2018

It has been raining awards since the new Extreme Rainfall research program began. Most recently, Jason Evans and Julie Arblaster were co-winners of the AMOS Priestley Medal and Christian Jakob was made an AMOS Fellow.
Across in Europe, Partner Investigator Sandrine Bony at the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace was awarded the Gérard Mégie Prize by the French Academy of Sciences.

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