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CLEX Research Vital Input to IAG/NCAR report

In September 2020, IAG and NCAR released a report Severe Weather in a Changing Climate (second edition), which incorporated research findings from numerous CLEX researchers. CLEX feedback also led to the incorporation of a new section on connected extremes in this report, highlighting the value of research into weather extremes.

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PhD opportunities in climate extremes and high impact weather

PhD opportunities are now available to work on projects jointly supervised across the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX) and Bureau of Meteorology. Candidates will be enrolled in one of the CLEX universities and spend significant time at the Bureau of Meteorology. This will allow the student to experience both the University academic and the publicly funded research agency environment.

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CMS report: December 2019

The CMS team took part in the Australasian Leadership Computing Symposium, are preparing a grand computing challenge for the new supercomputer Gadi, have made available a CMIP6 dataset, and is in the process of porting models from Raijin.

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A short history of COSIMA

The seven-year funding for Centres of Excellence ostensibly supports focused research across existing scientific communities but, as the Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA) shows, it can also help create entirely new scientific communities in a specific research area.

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RP3 Drought report – August 2019

As this newsletter goes to press, Bureau of Meteorology rainfall records show most of NSW and substantial parts of south-west Queensland remain in drought. Beyond the immediate agricultural, hydrologic and ecologic impacts, many small rural towns are starting to run out of water.

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