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Seminar: Energetic constraints on climate model errors in precipitation

April 29, 2019 11:12 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Prof Christian Jakob (Monash University). Climate models have significant errors in precipitation globally, but in particular in the tropics. Most models overestimate annual mean tropical precipitation, with the largest errors occurring over the warm tropical oceans of the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and Atlantic. In addition to the mean errors, there are significant shortcomings in the rainfall variability in space and time. Given its immediate impact on tropical rainfall, most of the errors are usually attributed to shortcomings in the... View Article

Debugging made easier with Collateral package

November 27, 2018 11:45 am Published by Comments Off on Debugging made easier with Collateral package

James Goldie has created the Collateral package to ease the pain of debugging. You can repeat a potentially risky operation—building a statistical model, rendering a plot, computing a tricky index—on as many groups of data as you want, and collateral will quickly show you which groups ended with errors, which ones returned results, and which ones finished but printed warnings or other messages.