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Tag: University of Melbourne

Research brief: New Zealand’s costliest floods caused by atmospheric rivers

The largest rivers on Earth are not on the ground, but in the sky. Our new study, published in Environmental Research Letters, showed that nine out of ten of the most expensive floods in New Zealand (2007-2017) occurred during an Atmospheric River event, and seven to all ten of the top ten most extreme rainfall events at eleven different locations occurred during Atmospheric Rivers.

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PhD opportunities in climate extremes and high impact weather

PhD opportunities are now available to work on projects jointly supervised across the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX) and Bureau of Meteorology. Candidates will be enrolled in one of the CLEX universities and spend significant time at the Bureau of Meteorology. This will allow the student to experience both the University academic and the publicly funded research agency environment.

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Research Fellow in Data Assimilation

The Centre seeks a highly qualified and motivated individual to create new and innovative data assimilation algorithms for discovering model trajectories that closely track observations in the presence of multi-scale, non-linear and non-Gaussian uncertainties such as those associated with observations and forecasts of clouds, precipitation, aerosols, soil moisture, ice, or ocean colour.

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