The ARC Centre of Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships in Climate Extremes are highly competitive scholarships intended to provide undergraduate students from Australian universities an introduction to cutting-edge climate science research at one of our five universities, or our national partners.

Students should be in their second, third, or post-honours year and interested in pursuing honours or a postgraduate degree in climate science. Scholarship projects may either run on a full-time basis over the summer or other mid-sem/trimester breaks, or part-time for the equivalent of six weeks full time work throughout the academic year.

The scholarships are valued at $5000. Scholarships are open to Australian and New Zealand citizens, Australian permanent residents, and international students currently enrolled in an Australian university.

If you have any questions about our undergraduate research scholarships please contact the Centre’s Graduate Director (climate.grad@unsw.edu.au).

Applicants interested in projects based at UNSW are also encouraged to apply via the UNSW vacation scholarship scheme.


Steven Thomas’s investigation into drought started as a six-week undergraduate project and ended up becoming two years of research, conference presentations and more – and that was before he even graduated.

Julie Potgieter was looking for a better way to explore potential careers when an e-mail came through about working on a climate-related research project for undergraduate students. Her project resulted in a first authored journal article.


  • UNSW06: Analysis of rain in Australia’s tropics

    Australia’s most hail-prone regions are on the east coast from north of Brisbane to south of Sydney. However, the largest hailstone ever recorded in Australia fell in the sub-tropics, just… View Article

  • UNSW07: How do El Nino types affect Australian heatwaves?

    During El Niño periods, characterized by elevated sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean, Australia often experiences a significant alteration in its weather patterns. El Niño’s warming effect on… View Article

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The deadline for undergraduate scholarships is September 15, 2023.

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