• Dr Sophie Lewis, UNSW Canberra (
  • Dr Alec Thornton, UNSW Canberra (

Location: UNSW Canberra


Climate change is already affecting weather patterns in many locations. In East Africa, changing rainfall would challenge the livelihoods of farmers. However, perceptions of local farmers and data from local weather stations differ. Is rainfall changing? How can we understand these two important information sources?

In this project, you will re-analyse meteorological rainfall data, using an analysis approach based on metrics more familiar to farmers. This project will provide useful information for the 80% of Ethiopians living in rural areas, who are reliant on rainfall for their livelihoods.

This project would ideally suit a student with some experience of/ or interest in developing skills in programming for example with MATLAB, R or excel, under guidance and supervision.

Successful applicants will be provided with a weekly allowance at a rate of $500 (tax exempt) per week, up to a total amount of $5000 for the duration of a 10-week scholarship


Please note: Applications for this project must be submitted through UNSW Canberra’s Undergraduate Research Scholarships application portal.