Poster Information

The poster session is an integral part of the CLEX Workshop. All participants will present a poster of their ongoing research and will be asked to evaluate other posters. This includes all students, researchers, associate investigators and chief investigators!

Poster content
Bring along a poster that highlights some recent research you have been working on

  • If you have recently started on your project: what do you do? What are the research questions? Where do you need help and suggestions?
  • If you have been working on Centre-relevant research for a while: what results, findings or conclusions have started to emerge from your work?

Poster format
The preferred format is A0 portrait (84.1 x 118.9 cm). This is the maximum size that will fit on the poster boards. Landscape orientation will not fit. Avoid laminated posters to ensure your poster can be recycled!

Poster registration, setup and removal
All posters will be hung for the entire duration of the meeting, however there will be three distinct poster sessions. You will be assigned one session to stand at your poster to present.

Each poster will be sequentially allocated a number and colour code. We’ll let you know your assigned number and colour when you drop your poster off. Your number will indicate where to hang your poster. Colours correspond to which day’s session your poster presentation is assigned to.

Blue – Monday
Green – Tuesday
Red – Wednesday

Posters can be dropped off and hung from 4:00pm – 6:00pm on Sunday 18thNov in the Ballroom room at the Novotel or 8:00- 8:30am on Monday 19th.  Please remove your poster before 5pm on Wed 21 Nov. Hang on to your poster tube. Tubes left in the poster room are unlikely to find their way back to you.

Poster presentation
Posters will be distributed randomly (not according to topics) across the three poster sessions. You will need to be by your poster to present it during the session that your poster is assigned to. We will take note of those attending only part of the workshop when allocating sessions. Your poster will be evaluated by 2 colleagues assigned to it and feedback will be provided at the end of your poster session.

Poster evaluation
Everyone will be attributed a poster to evaluate outside their own poster session. Evaluations don’t have to be expert feedback. Think about the poster in terms of both its scientific content and its effectiveness in conveying its meaning: *Are the assumptions, methodology and conclusions rigorous? *Is the structure helpful in guiding you through the poster? *Is the main message clear? Does the poster convey the relevance of its findings to the broader discipline? *Are the figures effective? *Is the author engaging with the intended audience (peers, broader public, policymakers, etc)?

Workshop Instructions

Poster Presenters


1: Refer to the posters list to find your name. (PDF above or printed sheets at the venue)

2: Find your poster board number

3: At the venue, get velcro dots from the admin staff and hang your poster on the board with the corresponding number

4: The colour of your number indicates which day you are presenting


5: You will also be reviewing one or two other posters. Refer to the reviewers’ list to check the day and poster number

Poster Reviewers

(Everyone* will review one or two posters)

PosterReviewers (sorted by reviewer)

CLEX_PosterPresenters (sorted by poster presenter)

1: Find your name on the Reviewers list (PDF above or printed sheets at the venue)

2: The columns refer to each day’s poster session (Mon, Tue, Wed)

3: Find find the poster with the corresponding number on the appropriate day

4: Use the evaluation tips above to guide your conversation with the poster presenter. Printed copies of the evaluation tips will be on hand.

*some late registrants and guest speakers weren’t included on the reviewers’ list