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Category: Past undergraduate projects

UNSW-CAN2: Climate change and East African rainfall: combining observations from local farmers and weather stations

Climate change is affecting weather patterns in many locations. In East Africa, changing rainfall would challenge the livelihoods of farmers. However, perceptions of local farmers and data from local weather stations differ. Is rainfall changing? How can we understand these two important information sources?

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UNSW15: Does the frequency, intensity or duration of heatwaves and droughts affect how people vote in elections?

Using France as a case study, this project aims to create a climatology of heatwaves and droughts to investigate possible connections with voting patterns. The ultimate goal would be to help predict voting patterns in the future and to see whether the techniques could be applied more widely to other countries.

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UNSW12: Pushing the ocean to extremes

What would happen if we suddenly warmed the ocean at the sea-surface? Would suddenly cooling it down cause an equal and opposite response? The student will work towards developing novel theories to describe the ocean’s response to extreme perturbations. These theories are needed to understand the ocean’s role in transient climate change.

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UNSW7: Assessing spatial variability in Sydney’s urban climate and air quality

The Schools Weather and Air Quality (SWAQ) network is placing instruments in Sydney schools to fill gaps in meteorological and air quality observational sites ( This project will contribute to the development of the SWAQ network and assess the influences of spatial variability in  Sydney’s urban climate and air quality.

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