The effects of drought can be felt across a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, water resources, and the broader economy. During the past decade, many parts of Australia have experienced severe droughts, including the millennium drought and the drought of 2017-2019. A number of climate reports, drought statements, media reports, and scientific papers have documented recent drought events. There is a wealth of information available in these resources on the extent, duration, and impacts of drought, as well as when drought was relieved.

In this project, you will develop a drought impacts database in a spreadsheet format by mining a wide range of documents.  This database will provide valuable information regarding Australian droughts that will be used for drought research in the future.

To apply: the Undergraduate Scholarship application form can be found here.

Supervisors: Dr. Sanaa Hobeichi and A/Prof. Gab Abramowitz

This project will be based at UNSW

Students’ academic background and experience: Any

Time when the project is available: Any time in 2022