By Melissa Hart
In this last newsletter for 2019, I thought I’d take the opportunity to summarise all of the resources and opportunities we have available via our researcher development program.

  • Winter schools: In-person each June with a changing theme but we also have recorded lectures available on our website from the last six winter schools. A wealth of resources for any incoming student.
  • A library of tutorials and seminars: Available on the website, includes a range of topics like EOFs, productivity, professional development.
  • Technical training: Delivered by our CMS team most Wednesdays, but also available online via their wiki and YouTube channel.
  • Research seminars and meetings: Advertised via the weekly update, many available to dial in via zoom.  
  • Researcher Development seminars: Intermittent Wednesdays, look out for emails from me and advertisements in the weekly update- covers topics like grants writing, the scientific publication process and centre inductions.
  • Alumni sessions: Intermittent Wednesdays, professional development seminars from our alumni where they share advice and strategy on life post-CoE. Speakers come from a broad range of industries and career paths.
  • Leadership opportunities: Our students and ECRs have the opportunity to contribute to the centre and gain leadership experience via involvement in our ECR committee or other centre committees such as Culture, Equity and Diversity. Interested? Drop me an email.
  • Scientific paper writing workshops: 3-day intensive workshops on how to write a scientific paper. All students and ECRs should attend one.
  • Communication and media training: multiple resources available on the website and training offered regularly via Alvin, keep an eye on the weekly update.
  • ECR days: A full day of professional development organized for our ECRs by our ECRs. Covers topics like careers, CV, communication, impostor syndrome, juggling demands on your time. Interested in being involved? Join our ECR committee.
  • Supervisions opportunities for ECRs: Each year we bring in ~20 undergraduate students to work on 6-week research projects. Projects supervised by our ECRs are given preference for funding. A great opportunity to gain supervision experience.
  • Engagement with industry, government, and the general public: Multiple opportunities available via our knowledge brokerage team. Interested? Talk to Ian.
  • Useful resources and links: A page on our website where I link to resources that I think you should all be aware of. Let me know of anything you think should be added.
  • Mental Health Resources: Contacts for counselling services at all nodes plus a list of all CLEX personnel trained in mental health first aid.
  • Advocacy and support: That’s me. I am here to advocate and support all students and ECRs in our centre to ensure that you all get the most out of your time with the centre. I am always available to listen to your wants, needs, problems, and provide advice when needed. I am also more than happy to provide feedback on CVs and job applications when the time comes for you to leave us.

I hope you all have a good break during your university shut-down periods. A reminder that we all get 4 weeks leave as part of our employment or scholarship, so please do take your leave.

See you in 2020.