Website changes

The past few months following the mid-term review have seen a reorganisation of our research programs and a corresponding rearrangement of the website into these programs. Over the coming months, all previous research briefs will be shifted under the programs and regular research program meetings will be included in the Weekly Updates. We can also create pages on the website for these meetings that can include presentations in pdf format as we previously did with the Tropical Variability meetings. Contact Alvin to establish these pages.

CLEX online series

Over the next 12 months, we will be commencing the online CLEX series of interviews with Cimpatico on the Climate Australia channel. We aim to produce at least 12 episodes, with the first five episodes focused on our research programs. Following that, we will be producing programs that may focus on specific areas of climate science, important papers or combinations of those. Any additional footage, animations or other collateral that can be provided will add to these interviews. All questions will be discussed with the programs planned in advance. Following the live show, the edited episodes will be made available on our website and through our social media channels. I am more than happy to discuss episode ideas with anybody in CLEX so that we can plan out the year ahead.

CLEX in the media

The past few months have seen an excellent combination of reporting on our papers and seizing opportunistic media.

The floods along the east coast of Australia saw multiple opportunities to talk about the role of climate change in flooding and to explain what the phrase a 1-in-100 year flood really means with Todd Lane, Andrew King, Steve Sherwood and Andy Pitman all making key contributions in the media.

A paper, Business risk and the emergence of climate analytics, that included Andy Pitman received a significant international and local coverage in financial journals and saw the researchers engage with the US Federal Reserve, the technical team of the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Lazard Asset Management, New York, and multiple Australian corporations.

Closer to home, a paper that looked at the role of climate change in the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires also prompted significant media engagement with Nerilie Abram as the primary voice. Once again, this was research that garnered national and international media attention. With the new research programs and the Cimpatico series coming online, we are looking forward to what appears to be a very exciting new year for media and communications.