Led by Dietmar Dommenget and Andrea Taschetto

The CLEX Tropical Variability group meets every 2 – 3 months via videoconference to share research on atmospheric sciences, physical oceanography and climate from subseasonal to multidecadal timescales and beyond.

The meetings occur on the second Tuesday of the month at 10am as a part of the CLEX Weather and Climate Interactions (WACI) meetings. See schedule below. Meeting announcements are sent to the WACI email list.

Whenever possible we will organise the meetings around topics that feed into the overall aims of CLEX Climate and Weather Interactions and may contribute to other CLEX research programs, such as Attribution and Risk and Drought.

We are aiming for one or two speakers each month. Talks are flexible and should allow time for discussions and feedback afterwards.

We welcome volunteers to talk in the meetings. If you want to give a talk at the Tropical Variability meeting, please contact Andrea Taschetto (Email: a.taschetto@unsw.edu.au ), Dietmar Dommenget (dietmar.dommenget@monash.edu) or Malcolm King (malcolm.king@monash.edu). In particular, we would like to encourage students to present in those meetings. These are informal meetings, you do not need to have a full publication when you present. In fact, these meetings should work as a way to receive feedback before you publish or present to a larger meeting. So, please come with your current study, a few plots, and show to the group.


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Future meetings


  • 09/11/21 Guojian Wang. The 2019 extreme positive Indian Ocean Dipole and the recent Australian black summer bushfires


  • 08/03/22 Dietmar Dommenget. TBA
  • 10/05/22 Ryan Holmes. TBA
  • 12/07/22 TBA

Past meetings


  • 14/09/21 Shayne McGregor. Distinct off-equatorial zonal wind stress and oceanic responses for EP and CP type ENSO events


  • 15/09/20 (Tropical Teleconnections)
    • Rishav Goyal. Connection between the tropical variability and zonal wave 3.
  • 18/08/20 (Variability in CMIP6).
    • Harun Rashid. Deconstructing the global-mean surface temperature variation in ACCESS historical simulations.
    • Michael Grose. Insights from CMIP6 for Australia’s future climate.
  • 21/07/20 (Tropical Pacific Climate Change )
    • Jules Katjar: Pacific projections and Atlantic relationship.
    • Dietmar Dommenget: Tropical Pacific mean state changes in the context of a slab ocean and the ENSO ReOsc model.
  • 09/06/20 (EGU ENSO session). All talks on video. Follow this link
    • Andrea Taschetto.  Revisiting ENSO Atmospheric Teleconnections and Challenge.
    • Muhammad Adnan Abid. Transition of the ENSO teleconnection to the Euro-Atlantic region from early to late winter: Role of the Indian Ocean.
    • Antje Weisheimer. Multi-decadal variability in long-range ENSO predictions: SEAS5-20C
    • Tobias Bayr. Walker Circulation controls atmospheric feedbacks in uncoupled and coupled climate model simulations
  • 19/05/20 (Variability and rainfall).
    • Zijie Zhao. Interannual and intraseasonal variability of cloud organisations over the Maritime Continent.
    • Sopia LestariMulti-scale variability in the spatial characteristics of rainfall extremes over Jakarta and surroundings.
  • 21/04/20 (Variability and drought)
    • Andrew King. The role of climate variability in Australian drought.
    • Giovanni Liguori. ENSO/IOD and Australian precipitation in CESM1.
  • 17/03/20 (ENSO):
    • Agus Santoso. Overview of AGU book on ENSO in a warming world.
    • Sebastian McKenna. Representation of IOD in CMIP models.


  • 10/12/19 (Diverse)
    • Michael Eabry. Rossby wave propagation in the Indian Ocean associated with El Niño – Southern Oscillation.
  • 12/11/19 (Decadal climate change)
    • Jiale Lou. A Linear Inverse Model of South Pacific Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability.
  • 29/10/19 (Extratropics)
    • Qian Li.  A Linear Inverse Model of South Pacific Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability.
  • 15/10/19 (Diverse)
  • 01/10/19 (ENSO)
    • Christine Chung. The influence of the South Pacific and Tropical Atlantic on Tropical Pacific variability in ACCESS-CM2. (view slides here – pdf)
  • 17/09/19 (Decadal Climate Change)
  • 03/09/19 (Extratropics)
    • Giovanni LiguoriDisentangling the drivers of global and tropical Pacific decadalvariability using large ensembles.
  • 20/08/19 (Diverse)
    • Tim Cowan. Multi-week predictability of the extreme conditions associated with the February 2019 floods across North Queensland. (view slides here – pdf)
  • 06/08/19 (ENSO)
  • 23/07/19 (Decadal/Climate Change)
    • Harry Hendon. Continuation of Tropical Pacific Ocean trend will weaken linkage of SAM and extreme El Niño. (view slides here – pdf)
  • 09/07/19 (Extratropics)
  • 18/06/19 (Diverse):
    • Zijie Zhao. Midsummer drought over Central America and Mexico: Methods, Signatures and Mechanisms.
  • 11/06/19 (Cancelled):
    • AMOS Conference.
  • 28/05/19 (ENSO):
    • Shreya Dhame. Atmospheric response to long-term Indian Ocean Warming in CAM5.
  • 14/05/19 ( Decadal/Climate Change ):
    • Jules Katjar. Global mean surface temperature response to Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation and Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in CMIP5. (view slides here – pdf)
  • 30/04/19 (Extratropics – cancelled).
  • 16/04/19 (Diverse):
  • 02/04/19 (ENSO):
    • Asha Vijayeta. Evaluating effect of thermocline depth estimation techniques on ENSO using linear recharge oscillator model.
  • 19/03/19 (Decadal/Climate Change):
    • Leela Frankcombe. On the Choice of Method for Estimating the Forced Signal in the Presence of Internal Variability. (view slides here – pdf)
  • 05/03/19 (Extratropics):
    • Giovanni Liguori. Pacific Meridional Modes, ENSO, and tropical decadal variability.
  • 19/02/19 (Diverse):


  • 11/12/18 (ENSO):
    • Peter Strutton. TPOS2020 and tropical Pacific biogeochemistry.
  • 13/11/18 (Extratropics):
    • Shayne McGregor. Model tropical Atlantic biases underpin diminished Pacific decadal variability.
    • Kimberley Jane Reid. The Australian Northwest Cloudband: Identification, Mechanisms and Influence on Rainfall.
  • 30/10/18 (Climate Change):
    • Sugata Narsey. Tropical-midlatitude influences on Australian rainfall variability.
  • 16/10/18 (Decadal):
    • Nerilie Abram. IOD and tropical climate variability during the last millennium.
    • Jess Hargreaves. Do tropical ocean temperatures play a role in altering the width of the tropical rainfall belt? and ‘Christmas Island project proposal’.
  • 02/10/18 (ENSO):
    • Dietmar Dommenget. CMIP5 dynamical changes of ENSO in the framework of the linear Recharge Oscillator model.
    • Scott Power. The impact of global warming on ENSO teleconnection.
  • 18/09/18 (Diverse): Introductions.
  • 04/09/18 (Extratropics): Introductions.
  • 21/08/18 (Climate change): Introductions.
  • 07/08/18 (Decadal): Introductions.
  • 24/07/18 (ENSO): Introductions.