Volcanic eruptions inject dust particles and other gases into the atmosphere leading to

substantial changes in atmospheric temperature and circulation. The volcanically forced

climate response is also important because it has similarities to the potential effects of

geoengineering techniques. This project aims to examine the impacts of volcanic eruptions on

extreme events (e.g., heatwaves, floods, …) in Australia. We will analyze the observations,

reanalysis, and model simulations (VolMIP multi-model) and focus on the intraseasonal (e.g.,

30-90 days) timescale. By doing such analysis, the participants will develop an idea about

extreme climate; the research outcomes will also provide important implications for future

climate change and geoengineering. This project requires programming skills to analyze data

hosted on the Gadi computer.

Supervisor: Hien Bui (hien.bui@monash.edu)

Location: Monash

When: Available from September