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Newsletter - April 2019 - CLEX

Directors report – April 2019

After some well deserved (and in many cases long overdue) summer holidays the Centre has seen a rapid ramp up of research in the last couple of months. Cross research program collaboration has intensified, focussed on improving our modelling systems, using our models to examine key phenomenon and in particularly how we can improve the representation of extreme events.

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April 2019: Chief Operating Officers Report

The annual report is finalised, we welcome new students to our nodes, launch an advanced ocean modelling school and offer a CLEx Career Development Award for Women and Underrepresented Groups valued at $10,000.

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CLEX Media and Communications Report – April 2019

If you need to create an academic poster in a hurry, we have a nice template here that can cut it down to an hour and still be effective. Also check out Kim Reid’s new PhD blog and find out about the recent combined Centre of Excellence media workshop.

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RP1: Extreme Rainfall report – April 2019

The past four months have seen Extreme Rainfall researchers win a slew of awards and produce some important foundational research on storms, hybrid cyclones, and some unexpected influences on extreme rainfall events.

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RP3 Drought report – April 2019

New students, an OA for Andy Pitman and some key work on evaporation, the impacts of mesophyll conductance on plant growth, a new algorithm for photosynthesis and future projections of drought made for a strong start to 2019.

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