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Newsletter April 2021 - CLEX

CMS report – April 2021

In this report CMS welcomes Annette Hirsch to the team, alerts users to retracted ERA5 data, continues work on ACCESS-ESM1.5, and looks at changes to NCI processes, and CLEX data management practices and training.

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Media & communications report – April 2021

The past few months following the mid-term review have seen a reorganisation of our research programs and a corresponding rearrangement of the website into these programs. Over the coming months, all previous research briefs will be shifted under the programs and regular research program meetings will be included in the Weekly Updates.

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RP3 Drought report – April 2021

Understanding what causes droughts and what brings about their conclusion is key work in a dry continent like Australia. Often, we use computer models and modern observations to reach our conclusions but sometimes the clues to these questions can be uncovered in the past.

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New CLEX Engagement Prize

CLEX has introduced a new engagement prize for students and early career researchers on fixed contracts with the winner announced at the next annual workshop. The prize is for all forms of engagement but engagement outside the university sector and beyond our usual stakeholders will be considered particularly highly.

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Dealing with rejection

A great deal of time in science is spent writing papers and grant proposals and then it goes to review. Something that might not be obvious to all of you is that rejection is normal, and entrenched, and part of the scientific method.

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CLEX prominent at AMOS National Conference

In February CLEX took part in the 28th Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society annual conference. Ian Macadam reports on the conference, which was packed full of plenaries, panel discussions and parallel sessions and incorporated around 400 presentations, many presented by CLEX researchers.

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