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Newsletter August 2018 | CLEX

CLEX Directors report – August 2018

The past four months since out last newsletter has been tightly packed with the official launch of CLEX, the legacy event for ARCCSS and an acceleration in important research across all of our programs.

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Media Communications Report – August 2018

The past four months have been incredibly busy with a new research brief structure, big changes in social media, and a mainstream media takeover likely to have significant ramifications for our communication of research.

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Graduate Director’s Report – August 2018

Melissa Hart looks at how funding will continue for ARCCSS students and how affiliations need to be considered. This year’s Winter School was also quite a success. Aside from the science, there were some very useful tips in putting together a bio that can help advance the careers of our students.

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Drought RP report – August 2018

Research has now begun in earnest in the Drought Research Program with all key staff finally in place. This has proved timely. At the time of writing (August 2018) most of NSW has been drought declared and forecasters suggesting little sign of drought-breaking rains over coming months.

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Heatwaves RP report – August 2018

The Heatwaves and Cold Outbreaks Research Program is in full swing, welcoming a new associate investigator in Debbie Hudson from the Bureau of Meteorology and pressing ahead with research across a range of areas.

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Farewell to ARCCSS

On Wednesday, June 27, we celebrated the achievements of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Systems Science with a legacy event at Old Parliament House. The celebrations also included three masterclasses in various aspects of climate science.

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ARCCSS/CLEX Winter School 2018: Event Detection and Attribution

Steefan Contractor attended the ARCCSS/CLEX winter school from June 25-29, 2018. The theme of the school was climate extremes. It involved lectures in the morning on various climate extremes (such as heatwaves and rainfall extremes) and also a group activity in the afternoons.

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