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Tag: Australia

RP3 Drought Report – December 2020

A major component of the research in the Drought program over the past four months has focused on the interface between real-world data and climate models. The aim of much of this research has been to improve how land surface models represent some of the key processes that influence the length, and severity of drought.

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UNSW06: change of dryness in australia

Dryness is defined by ratio of accumulated annual rainfall and potential evapotranspiration (PET). Understanding changes in dryness will help stakeholders and policy makers making long-term plans in water management and mitigation/adaptation. In this study, the 50-km resolution climate simulations from the NARCliM outer domain will be used to assess the future changes in dryness.

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Heatwave trends accelerate worldwide

The first comprehensive worldwide assessment of heatwaves down to regional levels has revealed that in nearly every part of the world heatwaves have been increasing in frequency and duration since the 1950’s. The research has also produced a new metric, cumulative heat, which reveals exactly how much heat is packed into individual heatwaves and heatwave seasons.

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