• Dr Negin Nazarian (Faculty of Built Environment UNSW)
  • Assoc. Prof Melissa Hart (CCRC, UNSW)

Description of Research Project:
Observational networks at high spatial resolution and over long time periods remains a challenge in urban climate research. The emergence of low-cost Internet-of-Things sensing units presents a new approach for addressing such challenges and contributes to investigating the variability in urban microclimate with less centralised efforts.

This study aims to evaluate the air temperature data crowdsourced from such sensing units, Netatmo’ citizen weather stations (CWS), used at multiple locations around Sydney area and analyse its application for monitoring the urban climate in this region.

Additionally, the impact of urban form and landscaping type, determined by local climate zone (LCZ) classification done at CCRC, on the microclimate of the Sydney area can also be assessed using crowdsourced data. Overall, the objective of this study is to evaluate

  • the quality CWS data compared with the SWAQ sensing units,
  • assess the intra-LCZ temperature variability of air temperature to determine if significant correlations can be detected between urban characteristics and temperature.

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