Location: UNSW

Time: Summer or Semester 1

Climate models are the best tools we have for predicting the future climate. But these models are complicated to understand and impossible to use without months or years of training. is a simplified climate model with an easy-to-use web interface,  that can reproduce many of the outputs generated by far more complex models and is freely available to be used by educators, students, researchers and the public.

We are seeking an enthusiastic student with a background in physics, climate science or environmental science who is also interested in science education and outreach, to help further improve our online climate model. The project is flexible depending on the student’s background and can range from adding relevant climate impacts to the model output, reviewing and/or evaluating the range of online models available for learning and teaching, creation of worksheets, resources and evaluations for high school exercises.

Requirements: Familiarity with MATLAB or Python is desirable. Education students who intend to go into high school science teaching or students with website/app development experience are encouraged to apply.


If you are interested in this project, please fill out the application form.