• Dr Simon Alexander (AAD / UTas),
  • Dr Yi Huang (U Melbourne),
  • Dr Andrew Klekociuk (AAD / UTas)

Location: IMAS, University of Tasmania, Hobart

Time: Anytime (but a summer preference) 

Project Description

Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSCs) are a key component in the annual cycle of Antarctic ozone destruction. They provide a surface on which stable chlorine species are converted to chlorine radicals, which then go on to destroy the ozone layer each spring. PSCs only form in the extremely cold polar winter stratosphere where temperatures fall below -80C.

In this project, you will use unique data collected during the Antarctic winter to understand the interactions between PSCs, the tropopause, and very cold cirrus clouds which are present in the upper troposphere. You will also determine how small-scale changes in stratospheric winds influence the occurrence, composition and brightness of PSCs.


This project would suit a student with some programming experience (for example, MatLab, Python, IDL or R) and a background in physics, meteorology or mathematics.