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Category: University of Melbourne projects

UMELB03: Storm organisation and short duration extreme rainfall in Melbourne

In Melbourne, 50% of rainfall and 75% of extreme daily rainfall occurs on days with at least one linearly organized convective system. However, thunderstorms are often localized events, and much of the rainfall in a region falls over a short period of time. Furthermore, not all thunderstorms necessarily occur in lines, and organized storms that lead to extreme sub-daily rainfall may be different from those that lead to extreme daily rainfall. This projects aims to identify and categorize organizational structures linked with the most intense rainfalls in the region.

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UMELB02: Melbourne flooding and ‘easterly moving’ weather systems

In 1891, Melbourne experienced one of its worst floods on record leading to extensive damage and many deaths. But what was this wayward weather system? How often do lows from our east coast drift westward, and what are their impacts in Victoria? How many of our most significant flooding events are associated with a pattern like this? And are these systems changing over time?

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