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Climate recorded in seawater: A workshop on water-mass transformation analysis for ocean and climate studies

In early February 2019 an international cohort of around 40 oceanographers, marine biogeochemists and climate modellers gathered at UNSW to discuss the use of the Water Mass Transformation (WMT) framework for studies of ocean physics, biogeochemistry and climate. The workshop was an initiative of several CLEX early career researchers and gained interest from a diverse international community.

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UNSW5: Convective cloud top vertical velocity estimations over Northern Australia

Convective vertical velocity is crucial for understanding cloud-precipitation systems, yet direct observations of convective vertical velocity are currently limited. In this project, you will estimate convective cloud top vertical velocity using Himawari-8/9 satellite data available at 2 km resolution every 10 minutes over Northern Australia since July 2015.

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