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Category: Research briefs

Research brief: El Niño variations have little impact on terrestrial carbon cycle

Different expressions of El Niño do affect interannual variability in the terrestrial carbon cycle. However, the effect over longer timescales is small. This means the changing frequency of these two types of El Niño events may be of little importance in terms of robustly simulating the future terrestrial carbon cycle.

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Research brief: Extreme events in SE Australia to increase in frequency by 2100

This paper used statistical techniques to investigate changes in extreme climate events that currently occur, on average, only once every 20 years. These techniques are applied to data related to heat, rainfall, drought and conditions conducive to bushfires and thunderstorms from detailed climate modelling commissioned by NSW and ACT Governments.

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Research brief: The mystery of vertical mixing in the eastern Pacific cold tongue

In this study, the researchers used a high-resolution numerical simulation of the cold tongue region to show that strong turbulent mixing occurs not only on the Equator, but also off the Equator on the edge of the cold tongue associated with passing energetic oceanic waves with periods of 15-40 days known as Tropical Instability Waves.

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