The Kennaook / Cape Grim station is positioned just south of the isolated north-west tip (Woolnorth Point) of Tasmania.

In May 2022, atmospheric carbon dioxide hit the highest level in over 4 million years, reaching 421 parts per million. Greenhouse gas data from Kennaook / Cape Grim shows the latest CO2 data from one of the cleanest air sources in the world. 

It is unequivocal that the increased CO2 in the atmosphere is warming our climate. Every incremental degree of warming heightens the risk of climate extremes such as heatwaves on land and in the ocean, heavy rainfall events and drought. These extreme events have already increased in frequency and intensity in Australia and many other regions around the world.

Carbon dioxide December 2022 415.22 ppm (parts per million). Source: Bureau of Meteorology/CSIRO.

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